We are a customer relationship management company for the men's grooming industry. Our goal is to modernize the barber shop experience, cultivating a confident and inspired community as we grow.

Our design will be true to our culture. Remaining authentic to ourselves and our community.

We will be courageous in defying the norms. Doing things others won't, acheiving things others can't.

Bold enough to stand up for our beliefs. Unwaivering integrity guided by deep morals.

A deep passion to improving men's grooming. Driven to impact the lives within our community.
Over time, hairstyles will fade and technology will progress, however our dedication to men's grooming will never change. Our commitment to innovation will allow us to consistently provide value to our community.

By engaging with our members and maintaining high attention to detail, we will continue to improve the barber shop experience. One cut at a time.

Like hair, life can be unruly. As a result, we've built a diverse team of individuals deeply passionate about men's grooming, who are excited to cut through any challenge they face.