Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Getting Started

To set up a Cancellation or No-Show policy, you’ll have to have Mobile Pay enabled to accept payments. Mobile Pay is a great way to provide clients with additional convenience and streamline your operations. You can find more information on how it works here

In order to properly enforce the Cancellation & No-Show Policy, you’ll have to require all clients to add their card on file at booking. This way, when a client cancels an appointment or fails to show up, you’ll be able to charge them for not respecting your time.

Once you've set your policy, your clients will see your Cancellation & No-Show rules the next time they book an appointment to avoid any confusion.

Best Practices

We recommend sending a Client Blast to your entire client list letting them know your new policy will be in effect. This way you can get clients adding their cards before their next appointment.

Just because a client booked an appointment with their card doesn’t mean you have to process the payment. With the checkout process, you still have the option to accept cash or in shop payments from those clients who prefer it. 

Booking with their card is essentially a “hold” on their account for the full value of the haircut, basically a deposit. They won’t be charged until you complete the appointment.


Let's say 20 clients cancelled on you last month.

20 clients x $25 = -$500

With an average service price of $25, you lost out on $500 in revenue.

$500 x 50% = +$250

If you have a 50% cancellation policy in place, you could have made an extra $250 that month.