theCut Family,

Like all of you, we are attempting to adjust to the new challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, balancing the interest all of our barbers, their clients, the CDC, and the communities in which we live. To accommodate for the loss of income and mandated shop closures, we have reduced the cost of all PRO subscription payments to $5 through the end of 2020. We want you to be able to continue communicating with your clients as new updates emerge.

For barbers who are continuing to cut hair, please take all safety precautions as they’ve been described. Whether you’re still in your shop or offering house calls, be sure to always wear gloves and cover your face with a mask or bandana. If you’re in the shop, possibly keep a chair between you and other barbers. Avoid touching your face. We’d suggest only working with clients you know. You might even consider having them check their temperature before hand.

Remember, you can carry and transmit the virus even if you’re not showing symptoms, so practice social distancing even at home, especially if you live with anyone elderly. Please stay safe and healthy. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to everything returning back to normal.

Very best,

Obi Omile

Chief Executive Officer