Cuts4Charity: KINF


At theCut, we live and breathe empowerment. Since Day One, we’ve been on a mission to give those in the barbershop culture the tools they need to live their best lives. We believe that for one to be their best, they must feel their best. Everyone knows the power of a great haircut. There are few better sources of pure confidence and refreshed outlook on life. Our children are our future and we need them ALL to believe that they can achieve all they can dream of as students. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Kids in Need Foundation to bring kids young students around the country the supplies they need to be their best selves. 16 million kids in the US attend school while their families struggle with extreme poverty. Recent studies have shown that when a child has school supplies of their own, their grades and classroom engagement improves. At the same time, self esteem and attitudes towards school and learning strengthen.

As a tech company, we understand the value of education and its ability to be the great equalizer. Enforcing strong fundamentals at an early age will foster generations of confident and intelligent boys and girls of the future. Our mission at theCut is to empower those within our reach to make this happen as soon as possible.


The Kids In Need Foundation’s mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed in the classroom by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need. Last year, the Kids In Need Foundation helped 200,000 teachers and 6.2 million students in some of the most challenged communities across the country. In their 23 years, they have distributed more than $1 billion in supplies to kids who would otherwise go without. The KINF has over 40 resource centers around the country who will help us reach local communities at scale. They’ve built this incredible infrastructure, and we’ll use the power of theCut to amplify their efforts. Learn more about KINF and what they’ve accomplished here.

“When families have to choose between food and school supplies, your support enables me to reduce some of their worry. You allow me to provide tools to further success, encourage expression, and create an equal education for all my students.”
–From a teacher in Houston, TX


Every week, people nationwide are booking more than 100,000 appointments through theCut. We’ve built this incredible community and know its time to pay it forward. Every time an appointment is paid for on theCut using Mobile Pay, we’ll donate a quarter to KINF. Pay for your line up, get a kid’s supplies up. All donations will go towards the purchase of school supplies for students in areas where parents struggle the most.

According to KINF, we can donate in TWO ways:

  • Backpack: $25 worth of school supplies per student.
  • Entire Classroom: $289 for TWO large boxes containing a predetermined assortment of essential items, including pencils, scissors, paper, and notebooks.

Help us reach our goal of 200 backpacks or 20 classrooms.

In honor of Black History Month, we want to use the power of our community to do some good. We’ll be donating all supplies available to schools in the local neighborhoods of our users. Both barbers and clients will have the ability to nominate schools in their communities and the top schools will be gifted with KINF school supply boxes or bags. The campaign will run until Sunday, March 17 at 11:59 PM. All appointments successful booked and paid for using Mobile Pay will count towards the Cuts4Charity Campaign.