FeatureFriday: Branding with Profile Links


By definition, branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to a company or individual. Branding makes it easier for consumers to distinguish between products and/or services. Your brand is meant to make a memorable impression and be a reflection of who you are as a business. As a Barber, building the right brand will determine how your customers find you and what they are to expect.

theCut empowers Barbers to continually build their brand. You get all the tools needed to take control of your business. In this post, we’ll talk about all the ways you can build your brand with theCut and strengthen lasting relationships with new customers.


With theCut, Barbers have the ability to create a personalized profile link, unique to them and only them. Once created, clients who click on your link will be taken directly to your profile to book an appointment. Profile Links make it easier for new clients to find you and give Barbers an easier way to share their profile with existing clients. Great profile links tend to be short and memorable. They also capitalize important words to make their links more readable.


Today, social media is the go-to platforms for creative professional to express themselves and their brand. Now that you have a personalized profile link, you can share it with your followers across any and all social media platforms. Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook all give users the ability to craft a tailored message to profile visitors. These sections are great for letting potential clients know where to find you and any important booking information. There you can add your personalized profile link so all clients who come across your profile will be able to book with you directly.


Showcasing your brand is key for barbers. At theCut we’re all about helping barbers build their brand. That’s why we create custom shareable posts for barbers who join our platform. Personalized marketing material is great for visualizing your profile. Displayed on the post are your top 3 services and 3 of your most recent cuts. Clients get a sneak peak of your profile and instructions on how to book with you. Your personalized profile link is also highlighted as well. Clients get to insight into you as a barber and when ready, get direct instructions on how to book with you. Sharing the post across social media increases your visibility, making it easier for clients to find you.


Instagram recently introduced the notion of Action buttons. Action buttons re great because they allow business to select a desired action (i.e. Book, Buy, Rent, Order) and have it displayed on your profile for followers to interact with.  Action buttons are meant to link to a website or a direct url. theCut will soon be listed an an option for Action Buttons. Barbers will then be able to add it to their profile and provide their followers a more seamless experience.


theCut makes it easy for Barbers to brand themselves. By creating a custom personalized link Barbers can distinguish themselves from the pack. Good links are memorable, easy to say, and capitalize important words. Once you have your link created, adding it to your Instagram profile increases your visibility and makes it easier for clients to book with you. You’ll also receive a custom shareable post from theCut that showcases your services and cuts that will have your personalized link displayed. theCut also has custom business cards available online where you can add your personal link when ordering.