FeatureFriday: Client Blasts


Building lasting relationships with customers is important for any business. The ability to communicate with your customers and notify them of important information and opportunities can have a direct impact on your success. Having quick and meaningful ways to engage with consumers can drive sales and build brand affinity with both old and new customers.

theCut empowers Barbers to grow their book of clients and communicate with them on a regular basis. Using the Client Blast feature, Barbers can notify clients of vacations, schedule openings, deals & other valuable information. In this post, we’ll talk about how to use Client Blasts and what’s coming soon to the feature.



The Client Blast feature can be found in your clients tab in the top left corner. Once you tap on the icon you’ll be taken to a new screen where you’ll be able to write out the message. Clients receive the blast as announcements. To make sure that all your clients are receiving your blasts, we recommend that you encourage all your clients to enable notifications from “theCut” so they never miss a blast.

When sending out blasts you have a character limit of 1000. However, since they appear as announcements to clients, short and sweet messages tend to work best. Each client has an announcement inbox  where we store all the blasts they receive. Anytime you send out a blast, your clients will be able to go back and view them in their entirety.  


Client Blasts are a versatile tool to help you communicate with your clients. You can send out blasts to notify your clients of all types of messages. If you’re going on vacation, you can send out a blast letting all clients know the dates and times you’ll be out of the shop and when you’ll be back. Blasts can be sent to let clients know of upcoming local events at the shop or in the community. You can also alert clients of last minute schedule openings or specials deals for customers.



At theCut we’re always working to improve our platform and its features. Client Blasts currently works great but there are definitely things we can do to add more flexibility and functionality. We have plans to introduce the ability to segment who you send blasts to. Being able to send blasts to only clients who haven’t booked appointments in a couple weeks or clients who book with you every week will allow you to tailor messages to specific audiences. Everyone likes to feel special. Once you’re able to personalize those messages, you’ll be able to better engage with clients and drive more activity with your clients.


We’ll also be defining Client Blast types such as promotion, vacation, openings, etc. This will allow clients to determine which type of blasts they’d like to receive, proving a better experience for them as well.

If you have suggestions for other ways you’d like to see this feature evolve, let us know. We’re all ears and love hearing from the community.


To recap, Client Blasts are a great tool to build relationships with your clients. You can keep them up to date on new services and notify them of upcoming events, vacations or deals you’re offering. To ensure that all your clients receive your blast, we suggest that you encourage them all to enable push notifications for theCut on their iOS or Android devices. Each blast will be stored in your clients notification drawer where you’ll be able to go back and read them. The Client Blast feature along with the app will be continuously evolving. The ability to segment users and determine blast types will all be coming soon to theCut.