FeatureFriday: How to manage your calendar like a pro


You are the gatekeeper of your calendar. It’s up to you to manage it effectively and efficiently. The time has come to manage your schedule like a pro. Understanding your biological prime-times is important for professionals with a family. If you know that your kids go to school at a certain time, avoid opening your availability until you’re free of external obligations. Create a routine that you can regularly adhere too. Maintaining a consistent schedule lets clients have a better understanding of when you’re open and when they can book. Things happen and sometimes your schedule needs to change. The ability to clear out your schedule and making it more readable is important for quick and accurate management.

theCut makes staying on top of your calendar an easy task for Barbers. You have the ability to set your personal hours that best suite you and your business. As life happens around you, you have the tools to update and adjust your schedule as need be. Your calendar is the central tool for you to manage your day. Having the ability to remove unnecessary appointments/events is a must for quick readability and control over your schedule. In this post, we’ll talk about how to use theCut to improve your calendar.



On a busy day your calendar can quickly become overloaded with appointments. Although this is great, that could make your calendar hard to read at times. Clearing up your schedule with filters makes it easier to scan your calendar and see whats upcoming in your day or week. theCut gives you the ability to filter out appointments based on their status. On the top left of your calendar screen there’s a filter button, second from the left, that allows you to select which appointment types to display. You can change the filter settings at any time, and the appropriate appointments will show up on your schedule.

Filtering of appointments also includes, those created by you the barber. So any past or canceled events you’ve made on your schedule can be hidden at any time.

  • Requested
  • Cancelled
  • Confirmed
  • Completed
  • No-show


As a barber, taking appointments can be a godsend. The ability to control your business and have complete oversight makes you a better entrepreneur. Catering to your clients and providing them the convenience of 24/7 booking is a great way to build relationships. However, just because you have existing clients doesn’t mean you can’t serve people who discover your shop on the street and decide to walk in.

You can create blocks in your calendar that restrict clients from booking you on the app, freeing up time for customers to casually walk in. This allows to you service both clients who want to book appointments and those who find you the old fashion way. Having these time blocks regularly on your schedule educates your clients on when they can book with you and reduces the chances of conflicts between them and new clients who walk-in.


To recap, theCut provides great tools to manage your calendar. These features make it easier to quickly scan your calendar and make decisions about your day. You can use the filtering tool to hide appointments you no longer want to see on your schedule. Appointment filters work based on their status and apply to both client booked and barber booked appointments. At anytime you can remove or add filters to customize your calendar view to your liking. You can also block out times in your calendar for walk in customers. Appointments are great for managing your schedule, however, opening your calendar to accommodate walk in customers is a great way to grow your business. You can set specific times during the week to allow for those who discover you the old fashion way, reducing the chance of schedule conflicts.