FeatureFriday: Mobile Barbers

READ TIME: 3 minutes

Today, clients and prospective customers expect convenience. Companies like Amazon have normalized ordering online and having products delivered to your doorstep. And with Prime, you can even choose to have that delivery same day. People are no longer required to leave their homes to get a product or service they want. At the same time, technology has continued to make the experience faster and more customer friendly.

With theCut Barbers can offer Mobile Barbering services to their clients with ease. Barbers can either be Mobile only or offer both traveling and in-shop haircuts. In this post, we’ll discuss how to set up your account to give your clients the ultimate convenience.



When setting up your profile as a traveling Barber, you’ll want to set your Location Type as “Mobile Barber”. While editing your location, this will be the first option under address. If you offer Traveling Barber services exclusively, use the “Mobile” option. However, if you offer both traveling and in-shop services, be sure to select “Commercial” or “Residential” so you can add a location where clients can find you.


Creating accurate services are key for giving your customers clear choice and convenience. For strictly “Mobile Barbers”, you can create all your various services without including “Mobile” or “Travel” in their titles. If you offer both in-shop and traveling services, then you’ll want to include “Mobile” or “Travel” in its names so clients know which specific service to choose. That way there’s no confusion after the haircut.

Mobile haircuts are a premium service and people will pay for convenience. You’ll want to price them accordingly to account for the time you spend traveling to clients. When determining the duration of the service, you’ll not only want to include the time it takes for the haircut, but also the time it takes to clean up and pack up tools between clients. This  padding will help you keep your schedule on track throughout the day.


When clients are searching for Mobile Barbers, they’ll see a tag on your profile that lets them know you’re “Mobile” only. When they book with you, clients will be required to input their address or desired location. So you’ll know exactly where you’re going before accepting the appointment.


To recap, theCut makes it super simple for Mobile Barbers to get up and running on theCut. If you don’t work in a shop, it’s even harder for new clients to find you. With theCut you can be discovered by the tens of thousands of people downloading the app looking for a new Barber. You can offer “Mobile“ only or both traveling and in-shop services. Be sure to detail your services in the app, so clients can clearly understand what they’re booking. Price your services accordingly and account for travel and packing time when determining the duration for each service.