FeatureFriday: Proving Customer Service with Recurring Appointments


The best customer is a returning customer. Regular customers provide consistent cashflow and on average spend 67% more than new customers. That alone, is reason enough to want to build a book of repeat customers. It’s important to keep these customers happy and satisfied so that they continue to come back and spend more money. This makes proving exceptional customer service a key part of any business.  Focusing on creating an experience that customers love makes it harder for them to leave.

theCut makes maintaining relationships with repeat customers super simple for Barbers. With theCut, Barbers can book recurring appointments for their offline clients & give people the ability to book recurring appointments themselves. When you have regular clients you don’t have to spend as much time finding new customers. Having a good clientele base, helps plan/forecast income and reduce both the time and effort required to find new customers. The additional resources allows barbers to invest in their service offering and increase the value they provide to their existing clients while also attracting new people to their business. In this post, we’ll talk about using theCut to schedule recurring appointments



Giving attention to your most regular clients is the best way to strengthen and retain those relationships. These customers have specific days and times that they love to get their haircut. theCut gives you the ability to book recurring appointments for your client who’ve yet to download the app. You can attach a client’s contact info to the appointment but they won’t be able to manage them themselves.  

To enable Recurring Appointments, head to your settings tab and enter your Booking Preferences. Here you can set or disable the Recurring Limit which determines who far out clients can book appointments with you. At most customers could book 12 months out from the day they’re viewing your schedule. 1 month is the shortest time frame for which recurring appointments can be set.

The Recurring Limit only applies to clients. As a barber, you can book appointments outside the recurring limit even if you’ve restricted it for clients. Ex. Recurring Limit set for 3 months. Barber can book recurring appointments for the next 6 months.

Recurring Appointments are subject to all your existing rules and preferences. They still have to be cancelled within your cancellation window. No-shows can also still be charged.

You can also use Recurring Appointments for events or occasions that repeat themselves, such as doctor appointments, classes, side jobs or anything else that happens in your life on a regular basis.


Customers will only be able to book recurring appointments with barbers who have it enabled. The options and availability will be determined by how the barbers has customized his settings. When booking their appointments, clients can select the frequency for which the appointment date and time will repeat up until 12 weeks. (Ex. Every week, Every 2 weeks, or Every 6 weeks).

Recurring appointments can be booked with their card on file, meaning all appointments will have the same payment information. These appointments will also adhere to all the same rules that the barber enforces around cancellation and no-show policies.


To recap, theCut provides the best way to build relationships and give clients excellent service. Enabling and booking recurring appointments allows clients to book standing appointments with their favorite barbers. Recurring appointments can go out as far as 12 months from the date of booking. Barbers can also book their own recurring appointments for clients or recurring events in their life. Barbers can set the limit for how far out clients can book but Barbers can book appointments outside of the Recurring limit. All recurring appointments are subject to existing cancellation & no-show policies as well.