FeatureFriday: Schedule Management For Barbers


For any business, being available to your customers is of the utmost importance. Effectively managing your hours and schedule will have a positive impact on your business and the way customers perceive your brand. The better you can communicate your availability and potential changes, the more transparency you’ll provide to customers which in turn builds trust.  

theCut gives Barbers the ability to control their schedule and communicate their availability with new and potential clients. Barbers have tools to book vacation times, upcoming events, and change their availability when unexpected emergencies arise. Then using the Client Blast feature, they can notify their clients of any changes. In this post, we’ll talk about how to use theCut to manage your schedule effectively.



When you initially set your hours and availability, you’ll have the ability to specify break times during the day. These breaks can be used for lunch, rest, or any other regularly scheduled away times. Once created, those time blocks will not be visible to clients when they’re attempting to book with you. If you ever want to change or update your schedule, these breaks can be removed and adjusted at any time.


Once you’ve set your hours and availability in theCut, you’re able to add updates to reflect unforeseen changes. In your appointments tab, you can self create appointments or events for any date(s) in the future. On the create appointment screen, select “Other” and you’ll have options to block out time for specific date(s). You can create “all day” events or clear out time in your schedule for a few hours. After you’ve created these blocks in your schedule, clients will not see those dates/times in your schedule when booking.


With your hours and breaks set, prospective clients in your area can discover your profile and book with you at their convenience. This means customers could find you and book their haircut all in the same hour. To give barbers more control, we’ve given you the ability to restrict how soon a client can book. By implementing your Last Minute Booking Limit, you can determine how many minutes or hours in advance a client must book. Then minimum is 15 minutes notice and maximum is 12 hours and 45 minutes. This gives you more insight into your schedule and makes daily planning more manageable.


To recap, theCut provides excellent tools for efficient schedule management. These features give barbers more control and flexibility when planning their work days. You can set lunch breaks along with other shorter breaks within your daily schedule. If you have upcoming events or vacation plans, you have the ability to black out the dates/times which would restrict clients from booking during that period. theCut allows for setting a last minute limit that requires clients to book a specified number of hours in the future. Coming soon is the ability to book recurring appointments, which would make it easier for you to schedule repeating breaks/vacations/appointments.