theCut & BARBICIDE are working together to educate and prepare barbers to reopen their businesses. We're hosting a live Q&A on the barbering industry post COVID-19 on May 13 at 1PM Est.

theCut is excited to announce that we’re hosting a live open conversation with Leslie Roste, BSN &RN, from BARBICIDE and Scoob the Barber. Leslie is a registered nurse and has worked across the country educating barbers and beauticians on best practices for keep a clean and safe workstation. Scoob is a master barber 25+ years who'll discuss how barbers can best protect themselves, their clients and their businesses. She’ll also be discussing who’s at high risk for the novel coronavirus and how to keep them from harm.  Check out our barbershop safety guidelines for more information.

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As barbershops reopen, clients will want assurance that barbers are taking the best precautions to keep everyone safe. BARBICIDE has put together a sanitization certification course that barbers can take to educate themselves. Once passed, you can let your clients know that you’re well versed in safety protocols, making them more comfortable with booking appointments.