Tips to Find The Right Barber

4 min read

Finding a new barber can be both a hassle and reward. The latter is only when that search is a successful one. For most men, they have had the same barber for multiple years. If you’re lucky, you’ve one barber for the span of your lifetime, for good reason. A barber is more than a man or woman with clippers that take a little bit off the top and fade the back and sides of your head. They are surgical hair stylist. Men go there for both transformation and to fine tune their swag. Picking the right barber can be the difference in where you are taking her for the second date or“I had a nice time, but let’s just be friends.” It is imperative to a man’s need. Here are the steps to assure your hair needs are met when picking your barber.

1. Start With Good Recommendations.

Ask your friends, siblings and colleagues about their barbers. I once had a barber that I simply outgrew. The haircuts he gave me as a teenager no longer fit the growth and evolution of my adult life. A quick anecdote. I was talking to one of the homies as I approached my barbershop, well former. I told the homie that I was going to hit him back after I left the shop. In a short span of 25 minutes, I was back in the car. I called my homie after the cut and his first response was, “Damn bro, you got a cut that fast? Your barber doesn’t love you.” I asked my friend, “how long does your barber take to cut you.” He responded, “at least 45 mins to an hour, if not more.” From there I knew I had been cheating myself out of good barbering for the past couple of years and it was time to say bon voyage to my former barber.

2. Keep the First Visit Simple

You don’t want to complicate things if you’re getting a cut from a new barber for the first time. Keep it simple. A shape-up is very telling of a barber’s skillset as a stylist and groomer. A 2010 shape-up seems extremely dull to the ones of present day 2020. Typically, a shape-up is the final piece to the haircut but is the most essential. For some it works as a revival tool to re-introduce your hairline to the rest of your head. Make sure that revival forces you to come back permanently.

3. Barbershop Culture

How is the culture within the establishment? A barbershop visit is an experience. It’s a setting where men get their swagger back, but also debate about a number of topics. For example, take a look at Ice Cube’s Barbershop film series. That shop was staple within the neighborhood that was passed down from generations. The culture let everyone flourish within their own right, no matter the personality. It made everyone feel welcomed.

4. theCut

Thousands of barbers throughout the country use theCut to grow and manage their business. It is one of the easiest ways to check out reviews, customer experiences and more when looking for a new barber. The app is user-friendly and can assure customer satisfaction based on its efficient features. No matter where you are in the country you can always depend on theCut to hook you up with the best talent in your area.

If you stick to these four keys, you are guaranteed success on your quest for anew barber.