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since 2016

Our story

Almost anyone who's been to a barbershop has had a bad haircut experience. It happens to barbers too. They definitely have their share of terrible barbershop experiences — double bookings, no-shows, last-minute cancellations, and an inbox of the "can you fit me in" text's from their clients. This shared frustration motivated Kush and me to start theCut in 2016. We wanted to solve our problems, making a haircut simple, painless and risk-free. But quickly realized we could empower barbers to become the entrepreneurs they've always envisioned. We want to change the narrative. Tip the scales and create more success stories that barbers and clients share. We have a vision of what the men's grooming industry can be. We're building the largest global barbershop brand. Bringing that offline barbershop experience into the 21st century. Humble and Hungry.

Obi Omile

CEO & Co-Founder, theCut

What drives us

To inspire confidence and to empower people to be the best version of themselves.

Our view of the world

Barbershops are epicenters of culture. We're building the worlds largest barbershop platform, living at the intersection of all things style and grooming.

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