Why become an ambassador?

Day in the life

theCut Brand Ambassadors are talented barbers, passionate craftsmen and serious about the business of barbering. Ambassadors will:

  • Participate in Social Media campaigns
  • Educate or judge at barbering expos
  • Local community events & initiaves
  • Raise awareness of theCut to fellow barbers
Day in the life

The perks

Work hard, play harder.

  • Custom theCut swag
  • Early access to products & features
  • Competition sponsorship
  • Paid Content Opportunities
  • Professional brand & business coaching
Day in the life
Day in the life

Ambassador tracks


Individuals who promote theCut app to their clients and peers in exchange for rewards such as special features, discounts, or free subscription periods.


Individuals who create engaging content featuring theCut app and share it with their followers in exchange for compensation, access to exclusive events, or other perks.

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Meet the new faces of thecut

Roy Mainor

Roy Mainor

Roy is an accomplished barber and entrepreneur based in Chicago, who has transformed his passion for hair styling into a thriving business. From an early age, Roy was fascinated by the art of cutting hair, and he spent countless hours practicing his skills and learning new techniques. Over time, Roy’s dedication paid off, and he landed his first job as an apprentice in a local barbershop. As he gained experience and confidence, Roy set his sights on opening his own shop, a dream he realized after years of hard work and perseverance. Today, Roy is the proud owner of FACES Barber & Beauty, a popular barbershop located in the heart of Chicago that has become a hub for the local community. Roy continues to push the boundaries of his craft, leveraging technology to reach new customers and build a community of fellow barbers and hair stylists. As a brand ambassador for theCut, Roy shares his expertise and inspires others to pursue their passions and build rewarding careers in the beauty industry.



Perla Castro, also known as @dipearl on social media, is a barber hailing from El Paso, Texas. With over 6 years of experience in the industry, she has become a proud Ambassador for TheCut. Despite the challenges she's faced as a female barber, Perla has remained dedicated and hardworking in pursuing her dreams. As a traveling barber, she showcases her skills and continues to strive for more. Perla's motto is "WORK HARD AND LIVE YOUR DREAM", a testament to her unwavering determination and passion for her craft.



Kel, also known as Trxll, is a highly acclaimed barber based in the NJ • NYC area. With 5 years of experience as a licensed professional, he has been a member of TheCut Team since 2021. Trxll is known for his exceptional precision line ups and detailed fades, which he expertly showcases in his photo shoot looks. His skill set has earned him 5 first-place finishes in Barber Battle competitions held throughout NYC, NJ, and Philadelphia. In fact, his rookie year as a pro was featured in The Line Up Barber Magazine back in 2019.

Currently, Trxll is the proud owner of an exclusive suite in NJ and continues to make his mark in the industry through his creative branding and unparalleled skill set. His reputation as one of the most elite barbers in the area is well-deserved, and he is constantly pushing himself to reach new heights of success.

How to Barber


How-to-Barber is a highly skilled and experienced barber based in Lemon Grove, CA. He has gained a significant following on social media for his exceptional skills and techniques, showcasing his mastery of the craft to a wide audience. With over a decade of experience in the industry, How-to-Barber has become a trusted authority on all things barbering. He is passionate about delivering exceptional results for his clients and sharing his knowledge with aspiring barbers. We are proud to have How-to-Barber as a brand ambassador for theCut, and his expertise and commitment to the craft are a true inspiration in the world of grooming.