$2,000,000,000 worth of haircuts booked

A celebration of our most recent milestone--$2B worth of haircuts booked on theCut.
Obi Omile, Jr.
CEO and Co-Founder of theCut. Lover of basketball and being by large bodies of water.

It’s official, $2 billion dollars worth of haircuts have been booked on theCut! As I sit down to pen this message, I'm filled with a blend of excitement, humility, and deep appreciation. Today, we mark not just a milestone but a testament to our tenacity—a journey of relentless dedication, unwavering commitment, and a shared vision for what barbershops could be. None of this would be possible without my cofounder, Kush Patel, our team, the barbers who trust us with their business and the clients who trust them with their hairlines. To each of you, let me express my sincerest gratitude.

2016 feels like ages ago, yet, I am reminded of the early days. The hours spent working in our childhood bedrooms. The days spent working from local libraries, Wegmans, and our favorite, Panera; they make a phenomenal chocolate chip cookie. At the time, We were naive towards the challenges yet filled with tremendous ambition. Hell bent on modernizing the barbershop experience and improving both Barbers and clients lives for the better.

75M appointments later, it’s astounding to think how far we’ve come. The remarkable individuals who’ve joined us on this journey are the backbone of our success. Their dedication, innovative ideas, and unwavering spirit have propelled us to heights we only once dreamed of. You have not just worked for the company; you are the company. We’re nothing without your passion and hard work.

To our loyal Barbers, your trust and support have been our driving force. Both your belief in theCut & your belief in our mission gave us the confidence to reshape the industry for the better. For that we are eternally grateful.

As we celebrate this milestone, it’s important to recognize it’s more than just one number or date. It’s a tapestry woven of countless barbers' stories of empowerment and success. In the last 7 years, over 2M people have use theCut to find a new barber around the country. That’s over 45,000 Barbers who were booked for the very first time on the app. Through the power of discovery, we’ve enabled more than $54M in new income generated for Barbers on theCut.

Looking forward, we are excited about the future. Reminded of the challenges we’ve overcome and the lessons we’ve learned. This milestone is not a finish line, but a checkpoint on our ongoing journey to become a global beacon of prosperity for the barbering community. Here’s to many more years of success, growth, having fun and making a difference.

To our Barbers, Our Team, and Our supporters—Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Much love,

Obi Omile

CEO & Cofounder