7 Services That Can Take Your Visit to the Barbershop To A Whole New Level

Check out these self-care offerings available at your local barbershop.
Obi Omile, Jr.
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Did you know you can get more than a cut out of your visit to the barbershop? If you didn't know, the answer is YES.

Barbershops have raised the bar to meet the ever-evolving demand for grooming. From skincare to hair replacement and even health monitoring, these new services elevate your experience at the barbershop. The following are seven new offerings available at your local barbershop:

The Black Mask

If you spend time on Instagram, you may have seen a barber giving a client a black facial. The Black Mask is a skincare treatment that unclogs pores and pulls out impurities, making your skin smooth and refreshed. You deserve to treat yourself to self-care while getting your fresh cut at your nearest barbershop. Why not? Your skin will thank you.

The Hot Towel

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The hot towel treatment is a classic barbershop experience that will have you never wanting to leave the chair. Heated by steam, the barber wraps the towel around your face to relax your facial muscles, open up your pores like the Black Mask treatment, and prep your skin for a close, comfortable shave. Book a hot towel service with a barber near you, and leave the shop feeling and acting brand new. 


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Aromatherapy is a newer offering available at barbershops. With essential oils that calm your senses and put your mind at ease, you can kick back and enjoy the atmosphere while getting your cut. Only some shops will have this available as this is a newer service.

Hair Fibers

Hair fibers can be a game-changer if you're struggling with thinning hair or a receding hairline. These new products add instant fullness and depth to your hairline and temple, which can do wonders for boosting your confidence, as thinning hair is a source of concern for many. A barber providing this service will have a full array of colors at his disposal and will have no problem matching the fibers to your natural hair. 

Hair Replacement

Are you holding off on the bald and beard combo? No worries. Modern barbershops now offer hair replacement services to help you regain your swag and will keep you from "hat-fishing" (yep, it's like that catfishing — someone grows their hair out on the sides then wears a hat to conceal a balding crown). With techniques like installing men's hair units, your barber can create magic and have you looking brand new and crisp in no time. 

Therapy in the Chair

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Your barbershop visit is about more than just a haircut. It's also a chance to unwind and share your thoughts and what's happening in your life. Some barbers now offer chair therapy sessions, allowing you to talk to a licensed therapist or counselor while getting your cut. It's a unique and convenient way to care for your mental health while getting shaped up by a barber.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Barbershops are increasingly becoming destinations for health services that might otherwise be unavailable or inaccessible in some communities, such as black and brown communities where healthcare disparities exist. With this in mind, some shops have begun to offer blood pressure monitoring as part of their services. Knowing your numbers is essential for staying on top of your health. Stay up to date with your health. What better time to check them than during your regular grooming session with your barber? 

What's Next?

Barbershops and barbers are offering more than just haircuts and hot shaves. They are evolving just as you are to meet your growing beauty, grooming, and wellness requirements. But this begs the question: how do you know who offers what and where? Use theCut when deciding what services you'd like and to discover which barbers provide them based on where you live, work, travel, or whatever. Finding, booking, and paying for barbers is easy and quick. Plus, with customer reviews and barber rankings, you can trust that you'll find the right barber to do the job.