How To Create Exceptional Barbering Experiences: A Client's Perspective

Successful ways to turn your client experiences from ordinary to extraordinary.
Britney Jeanine
Affectionately known as The Pivot Queen (or The Pivot Pusher), Britney Jeanine is a wife, mom of two, and a creative entrepreneur for 15+ years.

Settling is not the move. Period. Ever. Have you ever settled for a regular experience until you stumbled upon something extraordinary? There's no turning back! That's exactly what happened to me when I met my barber, Simone. She's redefining what it means to be a top-tier barber. Here's why my time as her client these past two years is nothing short of remarkable:

  • Seamless Booking Experience: Forget those intimidating lists of rules in all caps. My barber’s booking process is as smooth as silk. No fuss, no stress.
  • Detailed Appointment Reminders: My barber knows the value of your time. Simone sends detailed reminders that include arrival instructions and safety guidelines. There are no surprises, just clarity.
  • No Waiting Game: The chair is always ready and waiting for you. No endless hours spent twiddling your thumbs in a waiting area. Your time matters.
  • Vibes on Point: Step into Simone’s suite, and you're transported to a haven of aesthetics and good music. Snacks, drinks, candy — it's all there to elevate your experience.
  • Engaging Conversations: My barber’s conversational skills are top-notch. She remembers where you left off, making you feel like her only client. You're not just a client; you're her focus.
  • Next-Level Pampering: It's not just a haircut; it's an experience. From a warm shampoo and conditioning treatment to a soothing scalp massage and an impeccable haircut, my barber goes above and beyond.
  • Precision Timing: Simone respects your schedule. Her services are timed to the minute, so you can plan your day with confidence.

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Are you creating unique, memorable and extraordinary experiences for your clients? Here are some things to consider:

  • How do I set the tone? What impression am I giving to potential clients right from the start? First impressions matter.
  • Am I communicating clearly? Am I conveying booking instructions clearly without making clients uncomfortable or feeling wrong for wanting to get a haircut with you? Clarity breeds comfort.
  • Do I respect my clients time? I definitely want clients to respect my time. How am I managing my time to avoid inconveniencing clients with long wait times? Time is precious, and so is theirs.
  • What am I doing to make my clients' time in the chair memorable? Do my services have unique elements that leave a lasting memory? Here, it’s all about the details.
  • Am I creating connections? Do I know my clients beyond their names? Am I genuinely engaged, or am I just silent or distracted by conversations on my phone? Building rapport builds loyalty.

I'm grateful to my barber for setting the standard and consistently delivering unforgettable experiences. Simone is a shining example of what it means to be a truly exceptional barber. For the barbers out there reading this who are looking to up their game and offerings, please use my experience/testimonial with my barber as a blueprint to get your clients raving about you. After all, as an entrepreneur, I can say from experience that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy for repeat business and referrals.