Safety Protocols for Barbers & Barbershops

Safety protocols for barbers and barbershops reopening.
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China bent the curve, Italy bent the curve and the curve is started to bend here in the US. Suppression is working and the second part of the strategy test, trace and isolate will start to come into play in several weeks. Some states have began implementing reopening schedules to get some individuals back to work. Before testing is fully operational, however, we will need to follow safety protocols. We can learn about what works from what essential workers are doing now.

Below are a list of safety protocols advised to keep work areas clean, safe, and social distanced.


Barbers and barbershops might consider redesigning their work schedules. Setting up non-overlapping work shifts are a way to reduce the chance that all barbers within a shop would get infected. Creating an opening and closing shift can be a way to protect barbers and their clients.

Opening additional hours gives more availability for barbers to service the potential overwhelming demand from clients.


Within a barbershop, barbers should create adequate space between each other. The CDC suggest AT LEAST 6 FT apart. Keeping an empty chair between barbers will create a safe zone for them and their clients.

Barbers might also think about instituting "special/higher risk" booking hours, to help protect the most vulnerable. Allowing people who are most at risk to book appts at a time when they would not come into contact with the general clientele.


We suggest working with clients who you know and trust. Those that you can be open with and trust that they've been practicing social distancing to the best of their abilities.

You should also create 10 or 15 minute windows between appointments to completely wipe down the work station of any germs or viruses.


Cutting hair is incredible personal. Most barbers already practice good hygiene. To continue protecting yourself, the CDC encourages all barbers to wear a facial mask or face shield when working with a client. Barbers should also wash their hands after each client. It'll give your clients more confidence and comfort with your level of care with their service and also be more cost effective than switching gloves with every client.



Encourage more appointments to reduce the number of walk in clients and those waiting in the shop for a haircut.

To minimize touch points and surface area for infection, you should consider propping open your door so less people have to touch it.

Cash can be a silent carrier of the virus, using Mobile Pay and other digital payments is a way to avoid transmission of the infection.

It will take longer to reopen barbershops as a whole across the country. Applying these protocols will allow those of you who are back in the field to work safely. We hope everyone remains safe and healthy. We'll continue to provide resources as they become available.

CNN put together a resource showing all states and their Governor's stance on reopening.


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