theCut Awards Its First Barber Scholarship

Presenting the winner of our inaugural scholarship award.
Obi Omile, Jr.
CEO and Co-Founder of theCut. Lover of basketball and being by large bodies of water.

In 2023, we launched theCut’s Barber College Scholarship to do our part in making the career accessible to aspiring barbers. We acted in response to the Department of Education making changes that would make it harder to get access to financial aid at some Barber Colleges. Our hope is that we can continue to usher in the next generation of amazing barbers and help them turn their hustles in a profession.

Last month, we announced the winner of our inaugural scholarship award to Jayden, an aspiring barber in Philly. He’s a student athlete by day and a neighborhood barber by night. An artist at heart, Jayden has worked to build a burgeoning barbering business as he completes his high school tenure. His grit, commitment and dedication are inspiring qualities that are to be admired. We’re excited about the opportunity to empower Jayden in his barber career.

Congratulations Jayden on all your accomplishments thus far, and everything you’ll achieve in the future!