Top 5 Haircut Trends for 2021

Be summer-ready and ready for everything with these top styles.
Modernizing Men's Grooming

Hairstyles have grown and evolved. As time progresses, so do hair cuts. Take the 70s for example. Everyone donned the afro. It was almost a signature style for cool. Very few opted to participate in the afro-mentioned hairstyle. As you crept into the 80s, you see most people transforming their afro into the glossy jheri curl. Renowned artist such as the late MichaelJackson, Lionel Riche and even a young Ice Cube all donned the popular jheri curl look of the 80s.

Moving along into the 90s where things got creative. FromWill Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel-air hightop fade to Bobby Brown’s infamousGumby cut, hairstyle for men in the 90s opened the door for diversity. KrissKross and Snoop Dogg were one of the first rappers to introduce braids. As we stepped into the new millennium, low cut caesars and deep waves with a fade became men learned what type of haircut many woman love. In Destiny Child’s2004 hit song “Soldier,” Beyonce even co-signed the low cut caesar with deep waves movement, which is extremely prominent today.

All in all, each hairstyle of the past serves as an inspiration to how men wear their hair today. These top 5 hairstyles are ago-to as you head into 2021.

1. Faded Deep Waves

This option is what we call the old reliable, especially if you take the time to train your hair. The key to elevate from tide pools to full-out waves is your process. Brushing is the most essential part. Before you get in tuned with your brush, you must understand what products work best for your hair type. Peep the wave starter kit below:

Photo Credit: @dwright04
  • Cream of Nature Argan style and shine foaming mousse
  • Cream Of Nature Argan Oil Moisture & ShineShampoo
  • Ultra Sheen Hair Grease
  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo
  • Jamaican Castor Oil
  • Premium Silky Satin Durag (Make sure it is silk.Cotton durags took its exit back in 2010.)

2. Faded Twist

This hairstyle speaks to one’s confidence. Refer to the How to Find The Right Barber guide because you are going to need it. If you’re starting with an afro and have no idea where to go from there, this is perfect for you. The character of the style is at the top. Based on the length of the twist, you can style it multiple ways from a taper fade to a full out fade. It was more famously worn by Michael B. Jordan’s character, Eric Killmonger, Black Panther.

3. Faded Afro

A classic blend of70s and modern style. The top says disco, while the taper fade of the back and sides says, I know what year it is. Some men even adopted this cut as we entered quarantine in early 2020.

4. Buzz Cut

Easy, simple and cool. It is the low maintenance style, inspired by military men. The buzz cut eliminates the time spent on tying a du-rag, or in a barber chair as he assures the perfect 90 degree angle for your fade.

5. Clean Baldie

While the bald cutis typically the last resort for men suffering from hair loss, it opens doors to a new beginning, a no hair beginning. The Mr. Clean cut was made famous by His Airness, Michael Jordan in the 90s. While MJ donned the clean shave, more men opt for the bearded bald look of today. When it’s time, let mother nature shine as bright as the light that will bounce from you bald head. Love and embrace it.

Any of these options are the perfect style if you’re looking to shake up your new years look.