From Salon to Barbershop: The Benefits of Trading Your Beautician for a Barber (Part 2)

Here are five short and sweet reasons why women should consider switching from their favorite salon to a barbershop.
Britney Jeanine
Affectionately known as The Pivot Queen (or The Pivot Pusher), Britney Jeanine is a wife, mom of two, and a creative entrepreneur for 15+ years.

Alright, fam, we're back! I know I left you hanging last article, but I needed to make sure you were on the same page with me (and ladies, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to ditch the salon completely, but if you're thinking about making the switch, just hear me out).

So, let's pick up where we left off and explore the benefits of trading your beautician for a barber:

Benefit 1: Leave the Braiding Hair and Bundles at Home

One fantastic advantage of trading the salon for the barbershop is that you can leave those pricey hair extensions you've purchased right at home. No need to worry about braiding hair, tracks, or bundles — the barbershop is all about celebrating your natural hair and making the most of what you've got. So say farewell to the hassle of purchasing a million bundles of hair, and welcome a grooming experience that keeps it real and wallet-friendly. That leads to:

Benefit 2: Your Wallet Will Thank You

Let's talk dollars and cents. While the cost of a barber's cut might be inching up in today's economy, it's still a far cry from those salon prices that can give your wallet a heart attack. I'll never forget the days when I shelled out upwards of $600 for a sew-in. Trust me, that's a financial "no-go" we can all do without.

Benefit 3: Gossip is Better When it’s Co-Ed

While the salon's girl talk is undeniably top-notch, imagine the intrigue of getting inside the male mindset. The barbershop introduces a co-ed atmosphere where you can engage in conversations with both guys and girls. Picture yourself getting the scoop from both sides of the gender aisle. After all, who wouldn't be curious to discover what guys truly think; it’s pretty much Steve Harvey’s “Think Like a Man book”, but in-person (And yes, I do recognize that there are male beauticians too!)

Benefit 4: Stand out From the Crowd

Here's the deal: when a woman rocks a short barber cut, she's practically guaranteed to turn heads and stand out in any crowd (especially when she’s fashionable and confident). I can personally vouch for this because the moment I step into a room with my blonde fade, I feel the stares. It's not just a haircut; it's a bold statement that commands attention, leaving a lasting impression that sets you apart from the rest.

Benefit 5: Skip the Crazy Wait Time

In my last post, I mentioned those never-ending dryer times. It's like some hair stylists think you've got nothing better to do than park yourself in the salon for an entire day! Well, say goodbye to the 6-hour ordeal and hello to a 30-45-minute cut that will leave you feeling grateful for all the time you've saved.

In a nutshell, trading the salon for the barbershop offers a bundle of perks. You can:

  • Leave the extensions behind.
  • Enjoy cost savings.
  • Embrace a unique co-ed vibe.
  • Stand out with a killer cut.
  • Skip those long waits.

It's more than just a change of place; it's a whole new world of style and convenience. So yeah, fam — you may want to consider saying goodbye to your beautician. Let me know your thoughts, below!