Why use mobile pay?


Get paid for cancellations and no-shows by setting up custom policies.

higher tips

On average, barbers with Mobile Pay see a 20% increase in tips.

Track your

Monitor your revenue & prove your income for loans and grants.

Luxury Client Booking

Clients can book, pay, and go about their day.


Skip the wait and cash out immediately.


No more switching apps to recieve payment.

Get Paid

Client pre-authorizations on bookings ensure that you get paid.


The verification process usually takes around 48 hours until completion. Once verified, you will be able to process mobile pay transactions.


There’s a flat processing fee for all Mobile Pay transactions of 2.75%. The fee amount is subtracted from the transaction total before it is deposited into your account.


Funds are transferred directly into your bank account in 1-2 business days. You can also deposit funds instantly to your debit card.

Mobile Pay FAQs

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