Barbershop Management for SHOP owners

SHOP empowers you to manage multiple shops, collect booth rent, gain insight into barber schedules, and more! Looking for a solution to give you the visibility you need into your business? SHOP is just for you.

Users must have an active barber account to get added to SHOP.

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  • Participants in the beta program will receive periodic emails with updates and free access to the service during the beta phase.
  • During beta, you will not be charged to use SHOP on theCut. Later, you will have the choice of purchasing a subscription.
  • Any changes in pricing or subscription structure will be communicated through periodic emails.
  • During the BETA phase, we welcome all feedback to help improve the experience owners have. You will be given a special email channel to work directly with our team.
Manage booth rent
booth rent
Monitor barber appointments
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Manage multiple barbers
Manage multiple


  • Preferred Search Results: Your shop's profile will take center stage in our Barber Search experience, ensuring maximum visibility to keep your shop booked and busy.
  • Full Schedule Insights: Gain complete visibility into your barbers' schedules, allowing you to effortlessly manage and create appointments.
  • Booth Rent Tracking: Easily track and manage booth rent for each barber. Rely on reminder notifications to ensure on-time payments from your barbers.
  • View Ratings & Reviews: Access your barbers' profiles to read through client ratings and reviews, keeping you in control of your shop's reputation.
  • Multi-Shop Mastery: Effortlessly manage multiple shops from a single, convenient platform, making expansion and growth a seamless experience.
  • Single-App, Multi-Use: For the barber-owner, managing your schedule and having access to your barbers' schedule is easy. With just one app, you can do both.

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