Barber Basics: How To Manage Your Schedule

Renard shares why managing your schedule is the key to success.
Modernizing Men's Grooming

Renard, an Atlanta barber based out of the Edgewood section of town, wouldn’t trade barbering for anything else in the world. As far as he’s concerned being a barber is like being a rockstar or an athlete based on the opportunities it’s created for him and the people he’s met along the way. Driven by passion and a legacy of barbering started by his father, Renard provides unique, A+ experiences for people day in and day out. It’s the people that he considers to be the best part of barbering. Naturally, his clientele exploded, something he considers a blessing. For Renard, theCut has been a “godsend” that allows him keep up with his clients and successfully manage his schedule.