The Barbers’ Playbook: How to Attract New Clients

People are always looking for barbers. Follow these three steps to understand their perspective and grow your clientele.
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza, aka Barber Doza, is a licensed barber, educator, and consultant. He helps barbers get licensed and build their businesses.

People are always looking for barbers. Now that you have your license, it’s time to get your name out there in front of them. 

Every client goes through a decision-making process when choosing a barber. Ultimately, they research and evaluate their options before booking the appointment. This three-step process is called The Buyer's Journey. It will be much easier to grow your clientele if you understand their perspective. Let’s break it down.

Awareness: Do they know you exist?

Clients might not be booking with you because they don’t know you. Client acquisition begins with awareness. They need to become aware of you. If you Google "barbershop near me," does your shop show up? Are you actively posting on Instagram? Are you engaging with local Facebook groups or Nextdoor? Are you handing out business cards or flyers around your community? Have you partnered with any other local businesses to spread the word?

If your chair is empty, it might be because you aren’t marketing yourself. Download The Barbers’ Playbook for essential marketing strategies to grow your clientele.

Action Step

Ask your next five clients: How did you find out about me? 

Consideration: Why should they choose you?

You're on people's radar. Great! They are looking at your Instagram, website, and profile on theCut. They are reading your reviews and reviewing your portfolio. Why should they choose you? The clients need a haircut, and they are weighing their options. They have narrowed down their search and are considering you and a couple other barbers. Is your profile up to date? Do you have enough compelling 5-star reviews to make the decision easier?

Action Step

Ask your next five clients: Why did you pick me? 

Decision: How easily can they book?

Make it easy for the client to see your schedule and book an appointment. Simplify your service menu. Studies show that barbers only need 2 services: haircut or haircut with facial hair. Too many options can overwhelm the new client and lead them to abandon ship. Another way to lose a new client is to tire them out. Click fatigue refers to frustration from repetitive button clicks. It is typically associated with implementing inefficient booking flows that require too many clicks to accomplish the simple task of booking an appointment. Simplify your booking flows and watch your clientele grow. 

Action Step

Ask your next 5 clients: How easy is booking an appointment with me? Why do you keep coming back? 

Don’t play the guessing game. Talk to your clients about their Buyer’s Journey. Understanding your clients’ decision-making process is a fundamental business strategy. 

Looking to grow your clientele? Download The Barbers’ Playbook: 10 essential strategies to evaluate and grow your barber business by Matthew Mendoza. Whether you are a new barber or an OG, this playbook will generate new ideas to elevate your business.