The Sweet Life of the Suite Life

Here's what you need to know if you plan to set up shop as a private or boutique barber.
Carmina Barragan
Onboarding Specialist at theCut. A 22-year industry vet and gangster nerd.
  • Are you a barber who prefers privacy?
  • Does it suit you to work in a peaceful environment where you can control the vibe?
  • Do you love one-on-one quality time with your clients?

A suite might be your answer. You may have noticed that suites have been popping up left and right. Some are commercial, such as Sola or JCPenney Suites. Some are privately owned and highly luxurious. It all comes down to the prices you want to charge and what you want to offer your clients.

How to Become a Suite Barber

Should you decide that suite life is for you, you need to make sure you have the clientele to maintain your overhead. Like owning a shop, the bills and supplies are entirely in your hands. You'll need to know how to keep your business running smoothly and maintain a steady flow of clients to operate effectively. You’ve got to seriously make sure you have maximum visibility in the absence of walk-in traffic, but if you play your cards right you can benefit from the reduction in consumers' willingness to travel into city centers for their grooming needs.

First and foremost, allow clients to have access to your schedule. It's a necessity! Remove the burden of chasing clients and money and put the power of being discovered by clients in the palm of their hands. This will allow you to be consistently booked and have the added benefit of teaching your clients how to respect and treat your business.

Use Technology to Build Your Business

Master the art of pre-booking and managing standing bookings and you will be stacking that cash consistently without even trying.

Ensure your clients know how to book you and make it easy for them to do so! Like it or not we live our lives from our phones. They are literally the remotes of our lives. If you are further than clients' fingertips they will find someone else who isn't. By utilizing social media, your personalized link to your website, and having them use your booking app of choice, you will always be their most accessible barber.

Mobile payments should always be an option, if not the only option, for your clients' booking experience. Clients, on average, spend 60% more when using a credit card. Knowing this, you can confidently offer more services, sell products, and potentially receive bigger tips by providing a full-service experience.  

An additional touch is to show your clients the love and appreciation they deserve for their patronage and loyalty by setting up a client referral program and a client loyalty program that rewards them with perks, such as discounted services, that keep them coming back for more.

And, most importantly, say thank you. Common courtesy costs you nothing but pays in dividends when creating great, memorable experiences for your clients.

If you don't have a booking app or aren't satisfied with your current one, whether you're just starting out or are a veteran, now is the perfect time to download theCut to help you and support your barbering journey.

I get to give my clients a better view and a view of the City of Buckhead.

- Paul Key, Boutique Barber, Atlanta, GA

Why Use theCut?

The simplicity of theCut is what makes it such a powerful business-building tool. There’s isn't a lot of fluff. It has a very clean interface which makes it user-friendly. I especially love it for my OG barbers because it’s not always easy when you’ve been writing everything down for years. Even though you have a full clientele, you want to at least know what options are available to grow and maintain your business. Even if you’re not digitally inclined, you can quickly learn how to move your business forward by taking deposits, no-show fees, and cancellation fees to build a predictable income, allowing you to raise your prices, take vacations, and take lunches and breaks.