How to Judge a Barber by Their Cuts

Find the right barber to maintain your style and keep your confidence on point.
Obi Omile, Jr.
CEO and Co-Founder of theCut. Lover of basketball and being by large bodies of water.

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but you should definitely determine which barber is best for you by their haircuts, especially when using a barber discovery app, such as theCut. But you should consider a few more things besides photos of haircuts before booking a barber.

Checking Out Reviews & Ratings: Let the People Speak

When looking for that perfect barber, reviews are the first place you need to go. It's a must! With theCut, you can see barbers' ratings from their clients. Want a second or third opinion? Check out platforms like Google, Instagram, or YouTube, or all three, to see what people like you are saying about them. The comments section on these platforms can often be unkind spaces, but they also contain valuable nuggets of information that might be missing in a review. A dope barber will consistently have high ratings and positive feedback everywhere they have a digital presence.

The Experience: It's All About the Vibe

You know what they say: it's not just about the destination; the journey matters, too. That's true for your barber experience, also. When checking out a barbers profile and digital presence, here's what you should be looking out for:

  1. Well-described services and prices: Before you step foot in the shop, a barber's services and pricing should be straightforward and easy to understand. On theCut, you can see all the details about a service when booking. This transparency lets you know what to expect and keeps it real when it's time to pay.
  2. Pre-appointment messaging: If booking on theCut, a great barber will message you to confirm your appointment after you've booked. They share important information about the location and additional details about your service. It also allows them to answer any questions you might have.
  3. Courtesy is everything: A proper greeting when you enter the barbershop shows that your barber values your business and wants to create a welcoming environment. And please be mindful that courtesy goes both ways.
  4. Asking about your preferences before they start: A thoughtful barber takes the time to understand what you want before they get down to business. They should be asking about your desired length, style, and any specific concerns or requests you've got.

Portfolio Photos: The Proof Is in the Pictures

The last place is where we began. Ultimately a picture is worth a thousand words and should be the main reason for all the positive reviews and feedback you've researched. It's great to have a barber who's a nice person and really knows how to communicate, but at the end of the day, you need to leave their chair looking great and feeling great! A barber's portfolio is where it's at. Here's what you should look for in their photos:

  1. Diversity of clients: The proof of a barber's skill is in the variety of their clientele. Your barber should be versatile, able to handle all hair types, styles, and head shapes, and most importantly, yours! 
  2. Fades and lineups: What isn't up for debate is a quality, blurry fade with no visible lines or unevenness as hair transitions from short to long. And the lineups a barber gives you at the nape of your neck, your hairline, temples, and beard should be so sharp that someone looking at you will believe they'll get cut if they try to touch them (white chalk lines not included).
  3. Real pictures: Something to check for on a barber's profile is that he uses photos of his clients and not someone else's, photoshopped or stock images. These days, this is something you can discover quickly via your social media research, outlined above.

You Deserve a Fresh Cut

Finding the perfect barber is crucial for maintaining your style and keeping your confidence on point. After all, everything is better with a fresh cut. Use indicators such as reviews, ratings, photos, and the overall vibe as your guides to make the right choice. This way, the next time you're on the hunt for a new barber or want to evaluate your current one, you won't be stuck guessing because playing a guessing game with the barber cutting your hair is a game you do not want to play.