8 Tips for Visiting a Barbershop for the First Time

Ensure your visit is enjoyable for you and the barber cutting your hair.
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There are several types of customers who come to the barbershop. Are you John Mayer, Questlove or Sanchez?

All jokes aside, all musicians are welcome at the barbershops, but we strongly advise you not to bring a drum or a keyboard to the barbershop. Dave Chapelle's comedy sketch highlights that barbershops can be intimidating. It's typically busy when you arrive. Everyone seems to know each other and is probably engaged in lively conversation. Inserting yourself into this as a first-timer can be downright scary. How well you navigate this environment depends on what you do once you arrive. 

Whether you're a first-timer or visiting a brand-new shop and getting your hair cut by a new barber, man, or woman, these are some quick and sure tips to ensure your visit is enjoyable for you and the person cutting your hair.

Let's dive in.

When You Come Into the Shop:

  • Announce yourself by greeting people when you walk into a barbershop. When entering the barbershop, say hello to the barbers and ask for the barber you booked your appointment with, or state that you’re a walk-in client. Make eye contact and acknowledge the people already in the shop. Common courtesy is a real thing and, these days, a lost art. It is a sign of respect to greet people when you enter their place of business and the barbers there should respond as well.
  • Introduce yourself to your barber. If it's your first time booking this barber, take a second to introduce yourself and throw a head their way. This small gesture creates a personal connection and helps you feel more comfortable during your appointment.
  • Know what kind of haircut you'd like or have haircut inspiration with you. Before visiting the barbershop, know what type of haircut you want or use a barbering app to show your barber examples. This ensures that your barber understands your expectations and can deliver the desired result.
  • Wash your hair the night before your haircut. To make your barber's job easier, arrive with clean hair. Washing your hair the night before your appointment removes dirt, oil, and product build-up, providing your barber with a clean canvas to work on. Makes for a cleaner and sharper cut. Don't use products the night before. Avoid using hair products like gels, pomades, or hairsprays the night before your appointment. These products can make your hair difficult to work with and may affect the outcome of your haircut.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene. In the confined space of a barbershop, it's essential to be considerate of others by practicing good hygiene. Brush your teeth, shower, and wear clean clothes to your appointment. Don't engage in disrespectful or inappropriate conversations at the barbershop. While we encourage you to engage in conversation with your barber or others in the shop, remember to keep the content of your discussions respectful. Avoid using offensive language or discussing sensitive topics to keep barbershops a safe and comfortable space.
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When You're in the Chair:

  • Don't use your phone during your haircut. Constantly checking your device during your haircut can be disruptive for your barber and may lead to mistakes or a less than ideal haircut. Keep your phone on silent or tucked away during your appointment.
  • Don't haggle with your barber over the price of a haircut. Your barber has a set fee for their time and services. Also, check for discounts and specials. If you have concerns about the service, ask up front, not once the work is done.
  • Be on time for your haircut. Arriving late for your appointment can throw off a barber's entire schedule. It may result in a rushed haircut or even the need to reschedule. Additionally, barbers using theCut may charge a late or cancellation fee. Plan your day accordingly and be punctual. Plan for your haircut the same way you would a doctor visit. We understand life happens, but respect a barber's time, and if you are running late, reach out to give them a heads up. 

Getting a haircut is a matter of trust between the barber and the client because you're not only getting a haircut, you're trusting someone to help you look great. If it's your first time with a barber, at a new shop, or even if you're bringing a child for a cut, the goal is to find a regular barber who knows you and what works for you. Follow these tips to make sure this happens.

Find the right barber to help you look your best. You can view a barber's services, products, and fees in advance. And thanks to customer reviews and barber rankings, also available on the app, you can trust that you'll find the right barber. The rest is up to you.

Stay sharp!

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