Bald, Bad, and Bougie: Redefining “Feminine” Cuts and Hairstyles

Embrace the idea that beauty comes in all colors, lengths, styles, and textures.
Britney Jeanine
Affectionately known as The Pivot Queen (or The Pivot Pusher), Britney Jeanine is a wife, mom of two, and a creative entrepreneur for 15+ years.

Let’s be honest, from 26-inch bundles to finger waves, black women have been known to rock it all — we were simply born to tackle versatility. But when it comes to low cuts and bald fades, you cannot help but think about what's considered “feminine” — not only from a female/male perspective but from a societal perspective as well.

Listen. I can hear all the opinions in my head as I type:

“You look like a boy!”

“Why would you cut off all your hair?!”

“Are you playing for the other team now?”

“GI Jane 2, can’t wait to see you.” (Yeah I wrote it.) 

And the reality is, whether your hair is “fried, dyed, or laid to the side” what matters most is how your hair makes you feel. See, what we’ve got to understand is that when it comes to hair “pretty” (or feminine for that matter) shouldn’t only be associated with “long and straight” hair, but we should embrace the idea that beauty comes in all colors, lengths, styles, and textures. 

I’m talking big chops, platinum blonde, designs, pixie cuts, the one-sided fade, and the list goes on.

So let me ask, where do you think this whole “feminine women wear long hair” came from?

While I am sure there is a long history lesson that exists out in the world somewhere, my response for today’s day and age is: the media. Simply turn on your TV, and I guarantee you’ll be met with images of models, celebrities, and Disney princesses who all sport hair that’s “wind-worthy” (think I made that up, but you get the point). 

I’m not here to tell you how to wear your hair, but I am here to tell you it’s time to redefine feminine cuts and hairstyles, and not allow the opinions of others to dictate what hairstyles are (and are not) considered “beautiful” or “attractive”. Because let’s be frank, [beauty and] attraction can be found in the confidence you exude—NOT YOUR HAIR. 

So whether you want to wear locs, braids, wigs, or fades — learn how to find your own sense of freedom, power, and self in it.

And to all my bald, bad and bougie beauties… I see you over there — Shutting. Ish. Down!

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