New Ways to Pay for the Cut You Want, When and Where You Want It

Being short on cash is a thing of the past. We've made it even easier to pay for cuts.
Modernizing Men's Grooming

It’s 2023, and it’s easier than ever to pay for what you want and need — this includes haircuts.

Pay for your cut the way you want with theCut.

The days of not having enough cash to pay your barber are gone. Barbers put their hearts and souls into their craft — your haircut. The result? You look good. You feel good. Return the favor pay them as easily as you booked them on theCut.


  1. In-App payments (formerly known as Mobile Pay): Digital payments made directly through theCut, where you add your payment information directly into the app. This creates a seamless in-shop experience for barbers and their clients. 
  1. In-Shop payments: Usually cash or a 3rd-party app (e.g. CashApp, Zelle, Venmo), where barbers and their clients spend time figuring out what makes sense for both sides — time that could be better spent doing other things.


  1. NEW Cash App Pay: Barbers told us their clients love to pay using their Cash App funds, so we made it available for you right from the app. It's cashless, fast and secure. At booking, select Cash App Pay and you'll be prompted to connect your Cash App wallet as payment.
  2. Apple Tap-to-Pay: This cashless transaction allows you to tap your payment method to your barber's phone and pay for your cut in seconds. Available when you select "In Shop" at booking. (Tap-to-Pay works as long as you have a tap-to-pay option available — you either have a debit/credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.)
  3. Apple Pay / Google Pay: Book and pay for your cut in-app with your digital wallet! Your barber needs to have payment processing enabled on their account with theCut. Then all you have to do is set up your digital wallet (Apple Wallet, Samsung Wallet, Google Pay, etc.) on your phone and then pay with the card(s) you choose. That’s it!
  4. Digital Payments with theCut: New in name but not in function. Formerly known as Mobile Pay, if you prefer paying for your haircuts with a card you store on your account on theCut, remind your barber that they need payment processing enabled on their theCut account to receive payments from you.

Psst, remind your barber to set their account up to accept digital payments.

Everything is better with a fresh cut. With theCut, you can get the haircut you want, when you want, where you want, and now you get to decide how you want to pay for it. 

Stay sharp!

Need to get cleaned up? We guarantee there are barbers waiting for you!