Celebrating the Impact of Hispanic Heritage in the Barber Industry

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with these Hispanic-owned barber brands.
Carmina Barragan
Onboarding Specialist at theCut. A 22-year industry vet and gangster nerd.

Hispanic, Latinx, Latina, Latino, Chicano or Chicana?

However you identify, it’s our month, and it’s time to celebrate! Salud!!

It is a time to honor, respect, and recognize the struggle that our mamas y papas y abuelas, and abuelitos have endured for us. We come from a culture of people who don’t know the meaning of rest or sit down. We come from a culture where family comes first; we know it takes a village, and we take that to heart.

Barbering has given a voice to so many of us, both men and women, when in the past, we didn’t have a place where we felt comfortable, and now — here we are!

It’s exciting to be in a place where there is representation. We get to look up to people who look like us and see that success is, in fact, possible. To all the Hispanic barbers showing us the way, thank you! To the brands that are paving the way, we say thank you!

Hispanic Barber Brands

If you want to be part of el movimiento but don’t know where to look or who they are and you want to support some Hispanic owned brands in your shop, here are some for you to check out:

Suavecito, based out of Santa Ana California is owned by hermanos Pete and Tony Adame. Not only is their brand amazing, but if you visit their headquarters they also have a brewery and coffee shop. You can’t beat a cahuamua y cafecito!

Filoso Barber Brand, based out of Las Vegas and owned by Francisco Carbajal, is a brand created by barbers for barbers. They carry blades, razors, barber tools, and barber apparel.

Imperial Barber Products is owned by Pedro Zermeno and based out of Long Beach, California. They carry hair, shaving, and skin care products.

Gracias for all the hard work you are putting in. We love to see it, and we support you!