How to Get your clients booking with you

Obi Omile, Jr.
CEO and Co-Founder of theCut. Lover of basketball and being by large bodies of water.

Welcome Barbers! Let’s get to it. So you’ve decided you’re ready to take your barbering business to the next level, turning your hustle into a profession. With theCut, you can effortlessly move all your customer contacts from your phonebook right into the app’s rolodex or Clientele list. You’ll be able to manage all your clients in one place and communicate with them as needed.

Find your VIPs

Before you can wow your clients with your new digital booth, you need to find them in your phone's contact list. If you've already sorted your clients into a group or list on your phone, you're in luck! You can import this list directly into theCut app. It’s super simple, and will save you a bit of time.

No lists? No problem. If you don’t have an existing client list, you can invite your customers individually to them onboarded.

Invite Clients to Book

Once you’ve got all your clients in the app, it’s time to make things official. Send out an invite to your clients to download the app and create an account. This way, they can easily book their own appointments at their convenience. It’s a win win; you get back more free tie and they get the freedom of seeing your availability in real-time.

No Client Left Behind

Some folks might miss you first invite or be resistant to change. No worries, however, you’ll want to be committed to the transition and resend invites to those clients. Simply tap the resend button on the clients contact to send them a nudge to download the app. A gentle reminder will go a long way.

Blast Open your Books

Once your client have accepted the invite and created their accounts, send them a celebratory message. Thank them for signing up and announce that you’re open and ready for business. Communicate that is how to book future haircut appointments and let them know of any upcoming promotions or black out dates. It’s a great way to get everyone excited about your new concierge service.

And that’s it. Congratulations! You’re all set to modernize your barbering business and to make your schedule much more manageable. By moving your client list to a theCut, you've made a huge leap forward. Remember, the key to success is consistency. Centralizing your bookings in one place and communicate to clients to you won’t be accepting appointments booked elsewhere will make   the transition as smooth as possible for your clients. They'll appreciate your effort and love the new convenience!