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How do I redeem a code someone sent me?
What happens if theCut goes down or the service is temporarily unavailable?
How can I save money for taxes?
What if theCut doesn't exactly meet my needs?
Do I need to be good at technology to use theCut?
Why am I not receiving notifications?
How often do you add new features?
Is theCut available on iOS and Android?
Can I use the app on tablets?
Are all barbers listed within theCut's directory?
Where is my data stored?
Does theCut operate internationally?


What if I forgot my password?
What if I forgot which email I signed up with?
How can I delete my account?
What if I accidentally signed up as a barber?
What if I accidentally signed up as a client?


How can I earn rewards for referring other barbers?
As a Barber, what do I do with my PPP loan?
How do I get affordable health insurance for Barbers?
How can I offer promotions to my clients?
What if I work at multiple shop locations?
Why can’t clients see my profile?
Can I block off specific times or days for emergencies, vacation, or other reasons?
Can I set rules for clients booking with me?
Is there a cancellation or no-show policy?
Can I sync other calendars (Google, iCal, etc) with theCut?
Can I sell products through the app?
Can I use theCut as a student barber?
How can I allow clients to select multiple services?
What can I do with my list of clients?
Can I see other barbers on the app and book appointments?
Will my clients see other barbers on the app?
Can I request marketing material for my shop?
Can I contact my clients using the app?
Do I receive appointment reminders?
Can I prevent clients from booking with me last minute?
Do I have to confirm all appointments that get requested by clients?
Does the shop owner need to approve usage?
How do I start using theCut?
How do I find new clients?
Can my clients rate and review me?
Can I create a custom link to share with my clients?


How can I earn rewards for referring my friends?
Is there a fee for cancellations or missing my appointment?
Will I receive a reminder for my appointment?
Can I book appointments for myself and someone else?
What if I can't make it to my appointment?
Do I have to download the app to book an appointment?
How do I leave a review for a barber?


How can I downgrade to LITE?
Can I receive a discount for using Mobile Pay?
Can I receive a discount if my whole shop uses theCut?
What happens if my payment fails?
How can I manage my subscription?
How can I pay for my subscription?
How can I upgrade to PRO?
What happens when my trial ends?
Is there a monthly fee?
Is theCut free for barbers?
Is theCut free for clients?
PRO or LITE, which one is right for me?
How does the PRO free trial work?

Mobile pay

How do I delete my current payment method?
What is a pre-authorization?
How long does it take to verify Mobile Pay?
Why did my Mobile Pay bank verification fail?
Why did my Mobile Pay verification fail?
Is the client charged when booking the appointment?
Is there a fee associated with Mobile Pay?
Does theCut provide any tax documents?
How can I track the money I made from Mobile Pay?
What is Mobile Pay?
As a barber, how can I receive my funds?
Why haven't I received the funds from an appointment?

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