Learn more about how to use key features on theCut here.

If you have any more questions, reach out to us at support@thecut.co


Is theCut available on iOS and Android?

Yes, the app is available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

Can I use the app on tablets?

Sure! However, the app is optimized for iPhones and Android phones, so some parts may look a bit funny.

Are all barbers listed within theCut's directory?

The barbers listed on the app have all signed up and have been added to our database. They’ve also entered a valid address for the barbershop they operate in. If you don't see your barber on the app, invite your barber to join our community.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored securely on Amazon servers in the US.

Does theCut operate internationally?

theCut is available for download in the US, Canada and in US territories. We're launching soon in other countries. Our Mobile Pay feature is only available to users in the US, for now.

How often do you add new features?

All the time. Our development team is hard at work and we release new features on a regular basis.

What happens if theCut goes down or the service is temporarily unavailable?

We do our best to make sure we are always up and available. If you're ever experiencing any unexpected issues or errors with theCut, reach out to us ASAP. Let us know what exactly you're experiencing. Send a screenshot if possible, and we'll get the problem squared away. All support emails should be sent to support@thecut.co.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

Make sure you have allowed theCut app to send you notifications to your device. This is found in the Settings of most devices.

Do I need to be good at technology to use theCut?

We’ve built theCut specifically for people who are not technology experts! theCut includes free, friendly customer support. If anything is unclear, just contact us at support@thecut.co.

What if theCut doesn't exactly meet my needs?

If you're interested in using theCut, but our current service doesn't quite meet your needs, reach out to us! We'd be happy to talk about what potential solutions may exist. You can email us at feedback@thecut.co.

What features or updates does theCut plan on adding?

Here are some of the things, we’re working on now. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know at support@thecut.co.

  • Social Media Integrations
  • Business Analytics and Reports
  • Widgets for iOS and Android
  • Shop Version
  • Web Access
  • And Much More!!!

How can I save money for taxes?

We’ve partnered with Catch to help you save and pay your quarterly taxes. Every time you get paid, automatically set aside as much or as little as you need. You can also set up retirement accounts and get health insurance. Get started for free here and receive a $25 savings bonus when you save $100.


What if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password by using the "Forgot Password" link on the log in screen. You will receive an email with the reset password link. Please be sure to check your spam folder for this email! Once you click on that link, you will be taken to a page to enter your new password. Once you’re done, you will receive an email confirming this change.

What if I forgot which email I signed up with?

Reach out to us at support@thecut.co. We can look up your account using some additional information.

How can I delete my account?

We're sad to see you go :( but if you must: log into the app, go to your settings, under "edit account" you will see the "delete account" button. Click that and enter your email and password to permanently delete your account. Please note, this action cannot be undone.

What if I accidentally signed up as a barber?

Unfortunately, we cannot switch your account. You would have to delete your account so that you could re-register instead. Log into the app, go to your settings, under "edit account" you will see the "delete account" button. Click that and enter your email and password to permanently delete your account. Once you've done that you can re-register as a client.

What if I accidentally signed up as a client?

Unfortunately, we cannot switch your account. You would have to delete your account so that you could re-register instead. Log into the app, go to your settings, under "edit account" you will see the "delete account" button. Click that and enter your email and password to permanently delete your account. Once you've done that you can re-register as a barber.


How do I start using theCut?

Download the app, sign up, and complete your profile:

  • Add your services. Create services to allow clients to book appointments. Combine multiple services into one (ex: Haircut + Beard) to make it easier for clients to book.
  • Add your location and hours. This will allow clients to discover you and view your availability.
  • Add a profile picture and showcase your work. It's easier for clients to identify barbers with real pictures. Upload fresh pics to receive more bookings from clients.
  • Enable Mobile Pay. Get higher tips and direct deposits into your account. Track all of your payments in one place. Mobile Pay is required for Cancellation/No-Show Policy. Visit http://www.thecut.co/mobile-pay for more information.
  • Create a custom profile link. Clients who click the link will be taken directly to your profile. No search needed!
  • Invite your clients. Use the invite button from your clients tab to onboard all your clients. Use your address book to text your clients the download link. Encourage clients who book through the app to leave a review.
  • Request a shareable post/promotional material. Send us an email at promotions@thecut.co. We'll send you a shareable post that you can use to promote your profile on social media. Include your name and delivery address for promotional material for your shop.
  • Visit theStore. Head to http://shop.thecut.co to get the hottest marketing and branding tools! We've got business cards, posters, shirts and hats to help you grow your business.
  • Activate your PRO subscription. To ensure that your clients have a smooth experience, you can activate your PRO subscription at any time during the trial period. This will keep your profile visible and continue to allow clients to book appointments with you once the trial is up. The PRO subscription for theCut is the average price of a haircut, $20 per month. You can manage your subscription here.

Our growing community of clients will be able to discover and book with you immediately!

Does the shop owner need to approve usage?

Right now, we focus on empowering each and every individual barber to be able to manage their clientele, schedule and payments. However, we recognize that some shops operate differently. If your shop’s owner actively manages the barbershop, talk to them about theCut to see if we’re a good fit.

How do I find new clients?

Make sure to complete your profile by adding your address, hours, photos, services, and profile picture - then let us handle the rest. Our growing community of clients will be able to discover and book with you immediately.

Barbers with clear, well lit photos from multiple angles showcasing a variety of hair textures get booked with the most. Be sure to have your existing clients leave you great reviews on the app to get noticed more.

Can my clients rate and review me?

Definitely! Once they've completed an appointment with you, they will have the ability to leave a rating and review. In fact, we highly recommend you encourage your clients to do so! Let your clients be your marketing team. People trust people, reviews are a great referral.

Can I create a custom link to share with my clients?

You can create a custom profile link that will direct clients to download the app and immediately display your profile after they sign up. You can find this option in the Settings of the app.

Do I have to confirm all appointments that get requested by clients?

By default, yes you do. This is to ensure that you are available during the date and time the client has requested.

If you rarely find yourself declining appointment requests, you can enable Auto Confirmation from the Booking Preferences Settings in the app.

Can I prevent clients from booking with me last minute?

Absolutely, you can set how far in advance clients must book from Settings > Booking Preferences in the app under Last Minute Booking.

Can I block off specific times or days for emergencies, vacation, or other reasons?

Yes you can. This is as easy as creating an appointment in you calendar. Your availability will be blocked off for any appointments that are created in your calendar. If you’d like to block off a few hours or an entire day, you can do so by creating an appointment in your schedule. When doing so, you’ll have the option to create an all-day event.

Do I receive appointment reminders?

Currently, barbers receive a notification in the morning of how many upcoming appointments they have for that day. Clients that book through theCut receive reminder notifications 2 hours before their upcoming appointment if they’ve enabled notifications from theCut.

Can I contact my clients using the app?

You can send a message to all of your clients at once using the Client Blast feature. Also, you and your clients can message each other under an appointment. Tap on the appointment they had booked and you’ll be able to start a conversation within.

Can I request marketing material for my shop?

Absolutely! Send us an email with your name and shop location at promotions@thecut.co and we'll be happy to send you a promotional package. Also, make sure to add a profile picture, your services, and at least 3 pictures to your profile to get a digital post of your profile made for you to share across social media.

Interested in business cards? Now you can purchase them directly from us at https://shop.thecut.co/ with your profile and shop information printed. We also have a theCut poster for your shop, hats and shirts available.

Will my clients see other barbers on the app?

Yes they will. However, when creating your profile, you can create a custom profile link that will direct clients to download the app and immediately display your profile after they sign up. Clients can also filter through search results by name.

Can I see other barbers on the app and book appointments?

Coming soon! We’re in the process of building out the ability for barbers to view and book with other barbers. We’ll notify our users as that’s ready to be released.

What can I do with my list of clients?

Your list will allow you to keep track of your client’s previous visits. You can store their contact information or any notes that you’d like as well as send your entire list of clients a message with important updates or announcements using the Client Blast feature.

We have much more coming soon!

How can I allow clients to select multiple services?

You can allow clients to book multiple services by enabling it in your Booking Preferences. Clients will then have the ability to select multiple services when booking.

Can I use theCut as a student barber?

Absolutely! theCut is great for barbers just starting out. Track your progression from the start as you start your career. Showcase your best cuts from barbering college and let new clients find you.

Can I sell products through the app?

Coming soon! We're working on rolling out a suite of features to introduce a marketplace experience. Stay tuned! If your a grooming brand related to the industry and would like to get involved, hit us up at info@thecut.co.

Can I sync other calendars (Google, iCal, etc) with theCut?

Unfortunately not at this time. If you really think syncing calendars would make your job a lot easier, let us know at feedback@thecut.co.

Is there a cancellation or no-show policy?

Yes there is! To set up a Cancellation or No-Show Policy, you’ll have to have Mobile Pay enabled to accept payments. In order to properly enforce your Cancellation & No-Show Policy, you’ll have to require all clients to add their card on file at booking. Once you’ve set your policy, your clients will see your Cancellation & No-Show rules.

Just because a client booked an appointment with their card doesn’t mean you have to process the payment. With the checkout process, you still have the option of accepting cash or in shop payments from those clients who prefer it.

Can I set rules for clients booking with me?

Under Booking Preferences in the Settings tab of the app, you can set:

  • Payment Options - Choose to accept either Mobile Pay, In Shop (cash), or both.
  • Auto Confirm - Every appointment requested is automatically confirmed. Notification of your confirmation is sent to your client.
  • Multiple Services - Clients can select multiple services when booking with you.
  • Recurring Limit - Control how your clients book recurring appointments with you.
  • Last Minute Booking - Prevent Clients from booking last minute appointments.
  • Availability Intervals - Set acceptable times for appointments.

Why can’t clients see my profile?

Double check the address you provided to make sure it’s accurate. If you include any extra text in your address field, it may cause errors when being displayed. For example, "Across the street from Denny’s" or adding a phone number in your address.

What if I work at multiple shop locations?

At this time, we do not support multiple accounts or locations under one email address. You would need to create a separate account under a different email in order to list your hours and location for the other shop. To ensure you are not charged twice for PRO, we do offer a discount of 50% for each account. All you'd need to do is sign our agreement to get enrolled. Send us an email at support@thecut.co and we’ll get you taken care of.

How can I offer promotions to my clients?

Head over to your Services and click on an existing service or create a new service. You will see a Promotion section that you can either enable or disable. Once enabled, you will be able to add the discount amount along with the start and end date for the promotion. Clients will only be able to redeem the promotion for appointments that fall within the promotion start and end dates.

How can I reward my clients for referring new clients?

In order to set up your in app referral program, go to your settings page. You will see a new section called Rewards. Under rewards, click on Referral Program. Once enabled, you can add a referral reward for your existing clients and a reward for whomever they refer. Your existing clients can only receive their reward voucher once the person they have referred has completed an appointment with you.

How do I get affordable health insurance for Barbers?

Now is a great time to get, or change, your health insurance. Premiums are lower on a majority of marketplace plans, thanks to the American Rescue Plan. 4 in 5 barbers can find a plan for less than $10/month - yes, less than $10 a month!

Catch can help you get the best plan at the best price in less than 5 minutes. Just click here to sign up:


P.S. Catch can also take care of retirement and tax withholding so you can focus on the work you do best. theCut barbers get a $25 savings boost to get started when you've saved $100!

As a Barber, what do I do with my PPP loan?

theCut has recently partnered with Upside Financial, a company specializing in providing support to PPP borrowers looking for help with loan forgiveness. They've helped hundreds of borrowers maximize their PPP loan forgiveness and can help you too.

Their PPP forgiveness experts will provide you with one-to-one support and complete your application for you so you can focus on running your business and leave the paperwork and

Getting started is easy:

Step 1: Use this link to sign up and create a free account.

Step 2: Answer some basic questions about your PPP Loan.

Step 3: Activate your free account to gain access to your dedicated PPP expert. Using the link above will provide you with $100 off Upside Financial's services.


Will I receive a reminder for my appointment?

You will receive a reminder 2 hours before your appointment as long as you have enabled notifications for theCut app on your device.

Can I book appointments for myself and someone else?

Yes, you can. Simply book multiple back to back appointments if you need to. Just leave a comment when booking so that the barber knows who the appointment is for.

What if I can't make it to my appointment?

Be sure to cancel the appointment with your barber as soon as you can to avoid any cancellation or no-show fees.

Do I have to download the app to book an appointment?

Yes, we currently do not have a web version. This is something we are considering building soon.

The app allows us to provide extra features that would most likely not be available in a web version like the ability to receive notifications regarding appointments, payments, and comments. Also, with the app, we can offer clients the ability to message their barber, upload pics of their favorite haircuts, get reminders and client blasts from you and more.

How do I leave a review for a barber?

You can leave your barber a public review by going to their profile. Share your feedback so other people know exactly how talented your barber is. You can edit your review by leaving the barber a new one. Clients cannot leave multiple reviews but leaving a new one will update your existing review. You can only review a barber if your previously booked and completed an appointment with them.

Is there a fee for cancellations or missing my appointment?

If you miss or cancel an appointment with a cancellation or no-show policy, your Mobile Pay Preauthorization will not be voided immediately. Cancellation and no-show fees are not processed automatically. Barbers have a few days to decide whether or not they'll charge their fee. If they decide against charging you, the preauthorization will be voided and your funds will be released.

How do I delete my current payment method?

You can remove your payment method within the app. Please make sure your app is fully updated to the latest version of theCut.

  • Head to the settings tab and tap on Payment Method, you’ll see your card listed. 
  • Drag that to the left to see an icon in red appear.
  • Tap the icon to remove your payment method, and you’re all set!

If you previously booked any appointments with this payment method, the payment method will still be associated with those past appointments.

How can I earn rewards for referring my friends?

Head over to the Rewards tab. If the barber(s) you have saved to your account currently has a referral program setup, you will see it here. You can refer a friend by sharing your unique referral code.

Your friend will receive a voucher for your barber once they redeem your code. After your friend has completed their appointment with the barber you referred them to, you will then receive a notification that your reward voucher is available and you will be able to redeem it on your next cut. 

Go back to the rewards tab and you will now see a section called Vouchers. Just tap on the voucher and it will bring you to that barber’s booking page where you can choose the service you want and the voucher amount will be applied upon booking.

How do I redeem a referral code someone sent me?

Be sure to download theCut app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store if you haven’t already. To be eligible to use this referral code, you must not have completed an appointment, have a current confirmed appointment, or have been referred to that barber previously. 

Copy the code that was sent to you. You'll see an option to redeem code from your settings. After redeeming, you see any new vouchers on the rewards tab. You can click on the voucher and it will bring you to that barber’s booking page where you can choose the service you would like, and the voucher amount will be applied upon booking.


Is there a monthly fee?

After the free 30 day trial, there is a $20 monthly subscription fee for barbers who wish to continue using PRO. If you downgrade to LITE, there are no monthly fees.

Is theCut free for barbers?

The app is free to download and use for barbers. You will automatically get 30 days of PRO for free. After your trial ends, you can subscribe to PRO for a $20 monthly subscription fee. Otherwise, you may continue to use LITE for free.

Is theCut free for clients?

The app is free to download and use for clients. Clients may be charged a service fee for any payments made through the app.

PRO or LITE, which one is right for me?

If you are a barber looking to focus more on your craft, spend less time managing your business, and gain potential new clients, we highly recommend PRO. If you are just looking to keep your schedule organized, you can start off with LITE. Check out our pricing for a more detailed list of features.

How does the PRO free trial work?

As soon as you sign up for theCut, your free PRO trial begins. You'll have access to all of the PRO features to grow your business. No payment information is required. In your settings, you can manage your subscription at any time, and see how many days left in your trial. Once you've decided that you would like to continue using PRO, you can activate your subscription by putting a payment method on file. You will not get charged until the end of your trial. If you do not put a payment method on file, you will be downgraded to LITE at the end of your trial. You may also downgrade to LITE at any time during your trial.

What happens when my trial ends?

If you've activated your PRO subscription by putting a payment method on file, you will get charged at the end of your trial. Having an active payment method ensures that you and your clients still get the same great experience.

If you decided not to continue using PRO by not putting a payment method on file, you’ll automatically be downgraded to LITE. Your account will be hidden from search results and your clients will no longer be able to book with you. You can upgrade back to PRO at any time.

How can I upgrade to PRO?

If you're currently on the PRO free trial, all you have to do to continue using PRO is put a payment method on file. You will get charged at the end of your trial.

If you're on LITE, you can upgrade to PRO at anytime. You will be asked to provide a payment method and you will be billed for your first billing term.

You can make these changes from the Subscription Portal.

How can I downgrade to LITE?

You can change your plan to LITE at anytime:

  • If you're currently on the PRO free trial, your account will get downgraded immediately.
  • If you're on PRO and you've already paid, your subscription will be cancelled. You will still have access to PRO until the end of your billing cycle. Your account will automatically be downgraded to LITE at the end of your billing cycle.

You can make these changes from the Subscription Portal.

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can pay for your subscription using a valid credit/debit card. You can add/update your payment method from the Subscription Portal.

How can I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription from the Subscription Portal. You'll be able to view your past/upcoming payments, change your subscription, and update your payment method.

What happens if my payment fails?

We will attempt to charge your payment method on file at the beginning of each billing cycle. If for any reason we are unable to successfully charge the payment method you have on file, you will be notified to update and verify your payment method. We will retry charging the payment method on file throughout the week. If it continues to fail, your account will be downgraded to LITE. You can upgrade back to PRO at anytime by visiting the Subscription Portal.

Can I receive a discount if my whole shop uses theCut?

Barbers active on theCut who belong to a barbershop where multiple Barbers are using theCut are eligible for discount pricing on theCut PRO. Barbers will receive theCut PRO for $10 a month.

  • Must have at least 5 active barbers at their shop/location

To remain eligible for the discount, shop owners/managers must continue to maintain at least 5 barbers in the location. If barbers leave or change locations, you must notify theCut immediately to reflect the changes. If you’re interested, let us know, and we’ll move forward. Send us an email at billing@thecut.co.

Can I receive a discount for using Mobile Pay?

If you process a large number of Mobile Pay transactions every month, we’ve got a solution for you. Barbers active on theCut who hit specific processing targets are eligible for discount pricing on theCut PRO.

To be eligible for 50% off PRO:

  • Must have processed 25 transactions in the last 30 days.
  • Must have processed 75 transactions in the last 3 months.

To be eligible for FREE PRO:

  • Must have processed 50 transactions in the last 30 days.
  • Must have processed 150 transactions in the last 3 months.

To remain eligible for the program Barbers must continue to process above the Mobile Pay threshold. At anytime a barber can be removed from the program if they fall below the 25/50 transactions a month. Send us an email at billing@thecut.co and we’ll get you taken care of.


What is Mobile Pay?

Mobile Pay makes handling credit card transactions simple and easy. Enabling Mobile Pay as a barber allows clients to tip and pay for their appointments while booking. Mobile Pay is powered by Square.

As a barber, how can I receive my funds?

Your funds will be deposited to the bank account provided when enabling Mobile Pay. You can change this anytime from the Mobile Pay Settings in the app.

How long does it take for me to receive my funds?

Monday - Thursday: For transactions completed before 5pm PT/8pm ET (or your time zone’s equivalent), funds will be available in your linked bank account the next business day. Transactions completed after 5pm PT/8pm ET will be available in your bank account by the second business day.

Friday - Sunday: For transactions completed before Sunday at 5pm PT/8pm ET, funds will be available in your linked bank account Monday. Transactions completed after Sunday at 5pm PT/8pm ET will be available in your bank account Tuesday.

Bank holidays may delay deposit schedules. Deposit times may vary depending on your bank’s processing speeds.

Why haven't I received the funds from an appointment?

If you haven't received your funds within the timeframe for your deposit method, reach out to us at support@thecut.co and we'll get to the bottom of it. But first, make sure you’ve completed the appointment booked with Mobile Pay.

You have to go through the Checkout process and tap ‘Complete’ on an appointment in order to begin processing the transaction. Completing the appointment tell us that the client had shown up and received a haircut which then triggers the transaction. We recommend you do so while the client is still in the chair in case the transaction fails to process (insufficient funds, inactive card, etc.)

How can I update my Mobile Pay information?

You can update your Mobile Pay information from the Mobile Pay Settings in the app.

How can I track the money I made from Mobile Pay?

You can track your Mobile Pay appointments in the Settings tab of the app under Mobile Pay. We're working on a suite of features to improve the Mobile Pay experience with analytics, projected earnings, and much more.

Does theCut provide any tax documents?

If the amount disbursed to you through Mobile Pay is more than $20,000 and you have conducted more than 200 transactions, we will to send you a 1099-K form during tax season. However, you can reach out to us at support@thecut.co and we can prepare and income report detailing all of your transactions processed through the app.

Is there a fee associated with Mobile Pay?

A 2.95% processing fee applies to all payments made through the app. In addition, clients are charged a $0.95 processing fee for appointments booked with Mobile Pay.

Why is my Mobile Pay suspended?

Square has stated that some accounts may not be able to process payments with Square if the person registering has been blocked from Square in the past or if the account in question is flagged for any other reason. Unfortunately, Square will not provide any additional details about your account for security purposes. We are limited to what Square can allow.

Is the client charged when booking the appointment?

Clients are not charged until after the time of their appointment once the barber completes the checkout process, though we do place a pre-authorization hold on the clients card to ensure the funds are available. These pre-authorizations are valid for 7 days.

Why did my Mobile Pay verification fail?

This means that we were unable to verify your identity with the information you provided. You only have a limited number of attempts to verify your information.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you retry:

  • Make sure you're entering your own legal name, home address, and email address into the personal information fields. It's important not to enter your business information here.
  • Even if you're registering your business, you'll still need to enter your personal Social Security Number when prompted. If you only provided the last 4 of your Social Security Number in your previous attempt, try providing the full Social Security Number.
  • If your name has changed within the past 6 months, try entering your previous legal name.
  • If your home address has changed within the past 6 months, try entering your previous home address.

Why did my Mobile Pay bank verification fail?

The number one cause of this is incorrect banking information. Update your deposit method with the correct banking information to resolve this issue.

How long does it take to verify Mobile Pay?

Verifying your personal information should take less than a minute in most cases.

Most bank accounts are verified immediately, but this can take up to 3 business days depending on your bank. You may see $0.01 transactions in your bank account. Any payments made with Mobile Pay will be deposited once your bank account has been verified.

Can I still process payments while my bank account is verifying?

Yes you can. Any payments made with Mobile Pay will be deposited once your bank account has been verified

What is a pre-authorization?

We preauthorize every appointment booked via Mobile Pay as a way of ensuring there is enough money on the card for the appointment that was booked. Preauthorizations aren't actual charges, they're more like a hold and become expired/voided after sometime or if the appointment is declined/cancelled or completed as In-Shop (cash).


What’s happening in Todays Schedule in Barber Home?

A visual timeline of your daily schedule. Quickly view the appointments for the day and their active statues. 

What do the different colors on Barber Home mean?

Each color means a different appointment status.

Green = completed

Blue = confirmed

Yellow = requested

Red = cancelled

Gray = no-show

What is the Completed Appts Section on Home ?

The left number is the total number of completed appointments. The right number is the total number of appointments you had scheduled for the day. Make sure to actively complete all your appointments so that your data & insights are accurate. 

What is the Estimated Revenue Section on Home ?

Estimated revenue is the sum of all your service prices for the day. Cash tips will not be captured just yet, but we are working on building out a solution for that.

What is the Hours Booked Section on Home ?

The total number of hours that you’re booked for that day. 

What is the Chair Utilization Section on Home ?

Chair Utilization is the percentage of time that your chair is filled. It’s calculated by dividing the total number of hours you’re booked for that day against the total number of hours you’re open for that same day. (i.e. booked 4 hrs and open for 8 hrs. Chair Utilization = 50%)

Why does each Home metric have a day from the previous week?

It's a comparison of the specific business metric against the previous week so you can monitor your growth.

What are Insights on Home ?

These graphs give you a trailing 7 day view of your key business metrics. Tap on a bar in the graph to see the value for that day. 

What is the Appointment Request Section on Home ?

A chronological view of your appointment requests. Easily tap to confirm or deny customers at will. 

Why do I need to complete appointments on Home?

We show you a chronological view of your confirmed appointments for that day. “Checkout” each appointment to complete them and update your insights. 

How do Barber to Barber Referrals worok?

Barbers can share their referral code with other barbers. Each participating barber will earn credits that go towards their PRO subscriptions. 

How do I refer another barber to the app?

Send them your Referral Code by either clicking on the “Share Code” button on your homepage or by clicking the code itself, which will copy the code, and pasting it into a text message or social media post.

I am a barber that was referred by another barber and just signed up, how do I receive my credit?

After your PRO trial ends and you’ve successfully added your payment method, upgrade to PRO you will receive a credit for 1 month free.

How do I receive my credit once I’ve referred another barber?

You will receive 50% off for 3 months after the barber you referred successfully upgrades to PRO at the end of their trial. 

What is a Loyalty Program?

Barbers can set up Loyalty Programs as a reward system for those clients that are dedicated and continue coming back for business. $1 spent is equivalent to 1 pt.

For example, $25 spent at an appointment is 25 points accumulated.

How do I set up my loyalty program?

Head into your settings, scroll down to the “Loyalty Program” option. You can set up how many points you want your clients to earn before giving them a reward.

How are my clients enrolled in my loyalty program?

Once a barber has an active Loyalty campaign, clients will automatically be enrolled when they book their next appointment with the barber. They will receive a point for every dollar spent, equivalent to the service price of the appointment they book and complete.

How can I view my client’s progress in my loyalty program?

Head to the clients profile, either by finding them in your Contacts list by tapping their profile picture. At the top of their profile you’ll find a progress bar tracking how far along each client is in the program.

How do Clients enroll in a loyalty program?

If your barber has an active loyalty program set up, the next appointment you book will enroll you in their program. As you continue booking and completing appointments you’ll earn points towards the goal amount. 

How do Clients earn a reward voucher from a loyalty program?

Once you complete the loyalty program by getting the total number of points, you’ll receive a reward voucher within the app. 

How do I use a reward voucher from a loyalty program?

Once you receive a reward voucher from your barber it will appear in your Rewards tab and you will be able to apply it to your next appointment with that barber!

How do I view my progress?

You can track your progress via the Rewards tab. There will be a progress bar under labeled “Loyalty” for every barbers’ program you’re enrolled in.

Can I be enrolled in more than one Loyalty program at once?

Yes, you can be enrolled in as many loyalty programs as barbers you’re actively booking with.