Save Financial Aid for Student Barbers

Access to financial aid for student barbers is at risk. Help us stop this change!

What is happening?

The Department of Education (DOE) proposed a change to the Gainful Employment Rule that designates barbering, cosmetology and other personal service jobs as a "low-value" program. As a result, this will LIMIT access to financial aid for students seeking enrollment in barber school programs.

This is devastating to the industry and will limit opportunities for low-income families and disproportionately affect communities of color.

Taking financial aid away means LIMITING access to education. Since so many students in these programs rely on financial aid, the lack of assistance will decrease school enrollment thus DEPLETING the talent pipeline that barbershop and beauty salon owners rely on to hire / keep their businesses running.

Who is this affecting?

Aspiring barbers, beauticians, barber schools, beauty schools, barbershops / barbershop owners, beauty salons / beauty salon owners and more. If this rule goes into effect, the industry will feel it.

What you can do to help?

Help us get 10,000 SIGNATURES to save financial aid for student barbers. Taking action helps us meet the DOE deadline of June 20, 2023.