Don't Lose Access to Cash App

The era of using Cash App to avoid digital payment fees for your business is over. Use theCut and keep your Cash App for personal use.
Obi Omile, Jr.
CEO and Co-Founder of theCut. Lover of basketball and being by large bodies of water.

Are you using theCut to schedule clients, manage your time, and then use Cash App to process digital payments? If you do, we get it! Keeping fees to a minimum reduces the cost of doing business and increases the money you get to take home. Unfortunately, laws and rules around payment systems have recently changed, meaning tools like Cash App now need to keep track of business transactions to avoid breaking the law and being hit with major penalties or worse.

Cash App has changed its business owner policy. Now, every qualified business transaction on Cash App will be subject to the expected 2.75% transaction fee. Historically, Cash App has not been able to determine what type of transactions are happening on its platform, and as a result, it has been unable to enforce its own rules. This new reality might shock those using the app in personal mode to enjoy zero fees. To keep using the service, Cash App now requires that any business using a personal account switch to a business account or face having restricted access to the app. Not transitioning to a business account could lead to a disruption in your business operations.

Imagine customers coming for their haircut, and all their transactions fail due to payment issues. That would be stressful for both you and your clients. It's going to take time away from you doing what you do best, and have you stuck managing payments and customers.

How to Fix the Cash App Problem? Switch COMPLETELY to theCut

theCut not only offers you the ability to process digital transactions at the same rate of 2.75% as Cash App (unfortunately we have to charge the same amount becasue we are a business management tool), but it also centralizes all your business activities, manages your appointments, and guarantees you get paid no matter what. It does this by allowing you to create cancellation or no-show policies to protect your schedule. Transactions on theCut can also be preauthorized, further ensuring you get paid. At tax time, you’ll receive an annual report of all your bookings and a 1099K form to make income reporting a breeze. 

It was good while it lasted but, unfortunately, the era of using Cash App to avoid business transaction fees is ending. theCut is your personal assistant that allows you to centralize all your business activities on theCut and set yourself up for success in the future with a complete end-to-end business management tool. Don't lose access to your Cash App. Have your affairs in order so when it's time for a new home, car, or opening a shop, you have all the documentation you need in one place, in the palm of your hand, on theCut.