For theCulture

We do it for theCulture. The last 3 years have been an incredible journey. We could not accomplish the things we have without the help of this incredible community we've built.
Modernizing Men's Grooming

To Our Nationwide Community of Barbers,

Kush and I started this company in 2016 because we wanted to solve our own problems around the barbershop experience. You can ask any random guy on the street, and we're sure they would have a story to tell about a terrible haircut experience. On the other end, barbers have had their fair share of double bookings, no-shows, last minute cancellations, and troubles managing their clients. That's why we decided to build theCut - to help the millions of people in the barbershop community. We have a grand vision for what the men's grooming industry can become and we're excited to bring it to life.

More than 1,000,000 people have joined theCut. We could not accomplish the things we have without the help of this incredible community we've built. Undoubtedly, each barber and person who has downloaded the app has aided in our growth and influence. And when we needed our users the most, they came through in the clutch. We launched a crowdfunding campaign last year, and more than 400 of our current users invested in the theCut! We grew our family, and in turn, gave believers in us the opportunity to invest in a company they love and use everyday. Giving back is important to us, and actions speak louder than words. We've hosted free haircut events for underprivileged kids and donated to charity campaigns for parents who've had to decide between a haircut or school supplies. Together we've booked more than 8,000,000 appointments since we launched, and we're just getting started.

We take immense pride in what we've been able to accomplish over the last few years and the number of lives we've impacted. Excellence and empowerment have always been and will always be of great importance to us. We want every Barber in the country to experience what it's like to build their career with theCut. In order for us to continue delivering such positive results for Barbers in the industry, theCut can no longer continue to be free. Here is an announcement detailing the pricing changes.

The additional revenue will put us in a better position to achieve our goals over the next year. Things we'll be able to accomplish include:

  • Instant Deposits
  • In-Shop Payment Processing
  • More Flexible Scheduling Intervals/Options
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Advanced CRM Capabilities
  • Additional Marketing for Barbers
  • Web Access
  • theCut for Barbershops
  • theCut E-Commerce Marketplace
  • International Expansion
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Faster Updates
  • And so much more...

The last 3 years have been an incredible journey. Every Barber Battle and Expo we've attended has been a humbling experience. Having the opportunity to personally meet the barbers who have joined our community continues to motivate us on the daily. We're fueled by the chance to really change lives, and to have fun while doing it. At theCut, we care deeply about our Barbers and are grateful for the opportunity to serve you all. Thank you for trusting us with your business, and we look forward to growing with you. If you have any questions or comments about the new changes, don't hesitate to email us at, or send a DM via Instagram.

Much love,

Obi Omile Jr, CEO